Blips: Cover Version – Photo Article


Our article which featured the Blips: Cover Version Photo Gallery  is now online from Issue 7 of the mag for your viewing pleasure with photography by Joe Buddle and Alex Irvine. Have a read of Guy’s words, enjoy the photos then remind yourself again of this belter of a video. Oh and make sure you support everyone involved including The Palomino Club by purchasing a physical copy of the video HERE.


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Blips? What the hell is that? It sounds like a smug tap that won’t stop leaking. Well you’re not far off except the tap is made up of an array of talent. Dan Magee and Kev Parrott didn’t need to make a new full length video, let alone an unfunded one, but we’re fucking stoked they have! Not just because this ‘good cop/bad cop’ combo are behind it but the ensemble that they’ve chosen (or followed them round til they featured) are all top humanoids who’s footage deserves this kind of platform. Check this gallery to salivate your palates before you watch the whole thing below. We love it and the people involved. Hyped is an understatement! 

Introduction by Guy Jones

Manny Lopez – fakie ollie in. ~ Photo: Alex Irvine

Harry Lintell – frontside 50-50. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Jak Pietryga – backside lipslide front shuv-it out. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Korahn Gayle – switch hardflip. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Sam Murgatroyd – frontside 360. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Zach Riley – nosepick fakie. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Charlie Munro – noseslide pop in. ~ Photo: Joe Buddle

Filmed and Edited by: Kev Parrott + Dan Magee