Wolftown – The Black Country Vol. 4


Wolftown Skateboards release volume 4th of their Black Country series. See the latest video offering documenting the well renowned ‘Civic’ spot of Wolverhampton. Check some words below by the video creator Christopher Emery:


“Wolverhampton’s skate scene has been full of solidarity since at least the mid 90’s. The Wolverhampton Civic has provided a home to skateboarders within the city throughout the decades. After scares of the Civic being knocked down and seeing the maturity of the current skate scene grow, I decided to create this montage. I chose to film solely at Civic as I wanted to try and portray the history of the spot, as well as reflect on the real unity between skateboarders. The montage is titled: The Black Country Vol. 4 – Reflections, and was released in situ with our first ever deck release.”


Enjoy the edit featuring Nick Binnington, Rajinder Sami, Alex Ramsell, Ali Watson, Henry Fox, Christopher Emery, Cam Edwards, Sean Baker, Ian Bird, Dan Brueton, Jason Latchford, Jobie Morris, Ash Wilson, Shaun Boyle, Ste Kaveh, Nick Sharratt, Anthony Ackers, Burger Bigmore, Ciaran Denison, Gib, Jake Round, Luke Elks.


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Wolftown Skateboards – The Black Country Vol. 4 – Reflections

Filmed and Edited by: Christopher Emery

Additional filming by: Rajinder Sami

Super 8 by: Christopher Emery