Welsh legends Harry Deane and Spit and Sawdust’s Christian Hart combine to bring you ‘WASHER’ for Cardiff Skateboard Club. Watch below for two halves of entertaining shredding from the Welsh capital! First half by Harry Deane featuring BDL’s such as Dylan Hughes, Jake Collins,┬áJess Young, Ethan Watkins, Nick Jones, Sean Barnes, Kevin Barry, Mike Ridout and Lloyd Houston. Followed by a Bute Square retrospective / advert showcasing the wonderful Gibbsy, Matt Davies, Josh Perrett and Chris Jones. Second half is delivered to you by Christian ‘The Pirate’ Hart with a Lewis Keen section in classic Christian Hart style! See the video below and an accompanying photo gallery by Reid Allen!


While you’re at it take a look and support these legends:


Spit and Sawdust

Ethan Watkins. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Jake Collins – backside tailslide. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Lloyd Huston. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Lloyd Huston –┬áboneless off his van bonnet into the velodrome. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Dylan Hughes – nollie frontside noseslide at Bute Square. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Jan’s Whippy mun, Burryport. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Ethan Watkins – frontside wallie in Cwmbran. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Jess Young – valleys drainage ditch. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Harry Deane + Nick Jones. ~ Photo: Reid Allen

WASHER by Harry Deane + Christian Hart for CSC

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