Jakob Beaver in ‘Great Northern’


Jakob Beaver showcases his ferocious style on a board in his 'Great Northern' part. Filmed by Dan Rusin across Minneapolis, the Upper Midwest and parts of the South.

George Poole – Red Bolt


After recovering from ACL surgery George Poole presents us with a new part 'Red Bolt', filmed between USA and various French cities.

Filippo Coin in ‘Sketchbook 2’


Young fella Filippo Coin comes through with a solid part for Alessandro 'Ilcanile' Palese's new Independent video 'Sketchbook 2'.

Al Hodgson – ‘Gradient’ Part


Mag fave Al Hodgson comes through with a brand new part filmed by Harrison Woolgar and Jude Harrison. This one is special.

“Tech Support” — ‘TROUBLESHOOTING’ with Joe Allen”


Farran Golding talks with Joe Allen about his new full length video 'Troubleshooting'. Read the article and view the video in full here!

Logan Riley & Naidan Glover in ‘Troubleshooting’


Next up from 'Troubleshooting', Joe Allen’s new Leeds scene video, is a shared part from up and coming rippers Logan Riley and Naidan Glover.

Den’s Ramp: The Myth of Crowhurst Bowl


A documentary on the legendary Crowhurst bowl filmed and edited by Tom Pickard, with an accompanying article by Jono Coote.

Joe Allen in ‘Troubleshooting’


Joe Allen filmed new Leeds scene video 'Troubleshooting' and also filmed a full part for it which we're hyped to present you.

Glen Fox, Jeremy Jones & Jimmy Lannon in Magenta Skateboards – “Just Cruise 2”


Stylish trio Glen Fox, Jeremy Jones and Jimmy Lannon from Magenta Skateboards' new full length video 'Just Cruise 2' filmed by Andre Dupre and Stephane Feugas.



Will Smith comes through with yet another video: 'WEEDKILLER'. Documenting the talents of his close pals and younger heads who are killing it in the Leeds skate scene.

The Clonenbourg Wars – NSD x Noise Annoys Weekender


The nostalgic sounds of the Ski Sunday theme tune mingle with the excited shouts of spectators, floating into the deep blue Yorkshire skies like the harbinger of some arcane rite as the longest powerslide contest sees the initiated wilfully sacrifice urethane to the sun god.

WEEDKILLER – Will Smith Interview


Fraser Doughty interviews Will Smith on his latest video 'WEEDKILLER'. His second video release within the last month.

Tom O’Driscoll in ‘Somewhere between Work, Play and Attention’


Tom O'Driscoll's part from new Norwich based video 'Somewhere between Work, Place and Attention' by Liam Painter.



Lola's Hardware put out their first video featuring Shintaro Hongo, Jinnosuke Okada, York Seijo, Daisaku Hidaka, Seiya Bowser, and Ryunosuke Tomita. Filmed by Ray Tait and dedicated to the memory of Seiya Bowser.

Vans – ‘MUSH’ – Issue 32 Article


We've published Issue 32's Vans 'MUSH' article online in full. With words by Jono Coote and imagery by Reece Leung and Dave Tyson.



A Vague x Vans UK video filmed by Will Smith. Showcasing parts from Albie Edmonds, Paul 'Wapo' Watson and Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson.

DC UK – ESPETOS – Issue 32 Article


To coincide with the release of our new DC UK video 'ESPETOS' we've uploaded the Issue 32 article to the web for your enjoyment!

Morgan D-T in ‘MISMATCH’


Morgan Desjardins-Turgeon's new part in Empire Skate Shop's first ever full length video 'MISMATCH' filmed by Eric Lebeau.