Static: A Filmer’s Perspective


Josh Stewart ~ Photo: Tom Pickard

STATIC: A Filmer’s Perspective

Words by: Tom Pickard

We sit down with three dedicated filmmakers for a deep dive conversation on all things skate videos, from filming styles, locations, premieres, the challenges of filming and the importance of the full length, all centred around the 25 year running ‘Static’ video series.

The filmmakers are ‘Static’ creator Josh Stewart from New York, Blueprint’s auteur Dan Magee from London and the man behind Orwellian World Landscape, Al Hodgson from Brighton. This overseas conversation continues the bond between the Static series and the United Kingdom.

“Static 1 was the first skate video I bought that showed me the other side of skateboarding, a fresh perspective towards filming, spots, music and structure. It made me understand that it’s not all about the hammers, it’s about the feeling a line, a city or a part can have on you as a skateboarder or an individual.”

“The fact that Josh has made ‘Static 6’ after 28 plus years of filming on the streets is a testament to his body of work and to him as a person. This true dedication to the culture of skateboarding is unparalleled. Showcasing countless skateboarders, cities and scenes over the years, he is a voice that deserves a lot more credit and praise from our community than given. That’s just me!”

‘This video article is for every filmer out there in a cold dark alleyway, 2 hours in… the skater has just worked out how to make the trick work… your top light is already starting to fade… you want them to make it so bad… I salute you.”

STATIC: A Filmer’s Perspective

Featuring: Josh Stewart, Dan Magee + Al Hodgson

Curated + Edited by: Tom Pickard

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Brian Powderly in ‘STATIC VI’

If above wasn’t enough for you Static fanatics, Josh Stewart has kindly let us upload Brian Powderly’s amazing section from ‘STATIC VI’. Enjoy below.


Josh Stewart: “Anyone familiar with Brian Powderly’s skateboarding would agree that he was destined to have a part in the Static series one day. With a completely unique style all his own and an eye for seeing spots where others wouldn’t, Brian embodies the aesthetic that Static has come to represent, so it’s very fitting for him to hold it down for Baltimore in this final episode of the Static series.

Filmed + Edited by: Josh Stewart

Additional Filming by: Jake Todd, Matt Velez, Zach Chamberlin, John Valenti & Taylor Nawrocki

Static VI DVD + merchandise is available here!