Tom Pickard

Long Weekend in Paris – Source Skate Co.


A selection of Source Skate Co. heads made the voyage over to Paris ahead of the release of their upcoming full length 'Debris'.

Static: A Filmer’s Perspective


Josh Stewart, Dan Magee and Al Hodgson discuss all things skate videos, filming styles, locations, premieres, challenges of filming and the importance of the full length, centred around the ‘Static’ video series.

Den’s Ramp: The Myth of Crowhurst Bowl


A documentary on the legendary Crowhurst bowl filmed and edited by Tom Pickard, with an accompanying article by Jono Coote.

Tom Pickard – The Jumble Sale Interview


To coincide with the release of the Source Skateboards video 'Jumble Sale', Jono Coote interviewed Hastings filmer Tom Pickard.

Source Skate Co. – Jumble Sale


The first full length video from Hastings' Skater Owned Store 'Source Skate Co.' Brilliant stuff and a testament to the commitment and productivity of all those involved.

‘Skateboarders thank the NHS’


NHS appreciation video by Tom Pickard for Mental Health Day.

Tom Pickard – Fully Flushed


Another part from Sam Earl's 'Fully Flushed' has been uploaded. This time its Tom Pickard!