Landscape Skateboards – Seasons (Full Video)


We cannot compliment this enough. Absolutely incredible output from the legends at Landscape Skateboards, a historical asset in UK shredsticking no doubt, but to see it maintain such finesse and steeze only adds to our adoration of what this incredible collective of people, through different generations, has achieved and we will be eternally respectful of it’s addition into our beautiful culture! Landscape’s last ever video ‘Seasons’ is playing below featuring the talents of Joe Gavin, Nick Stansfield, Jethro Coldwell, Scott Anderson, Jeremy Jones, Keanu Robson, Ash Hall and of course Chris ‘Bazra’ Barrett. Filmed by: Joe Gavin, Sean Lomax, Simie and Matt Hirst. Soundtrack produced by DJ Omas.


Here’s some Landscape adverts from over the years and words by Mark ‘Fos’ Foster:

Joey Pressey – nollie backside 180 heelflip for Sidewalk Mag

“Thankyou Landscape. Sincerely.

Thanks for the people that I’ve met because of you, thank you for all the trips I’ve been on filming for you. Thank you for the place you’ve occupied in the British Skateboarding scene for the past 16 years.

Tom Lock – backside tailslide

When I say thank you Landscape, I mean everyone who has ever ridden a Landscape board, watched one of our videos or clips, bought a shirt or some wheels, followed us on Instagram, liked a Facebook post, showed their mate a photo in a magazine that they thought was sick. Landscape existed as long as it did because of all of you. Thank you.

Olly Todd – nollie backside 180 heeflip

I need to thank the people who made it all possible too, the photographers, filmers, riders, art contributors, designers, shops and distributors. You know who you are. You were a part of it, and I thank you for that.

Joey Pressey – kickflip for Document Magazine

It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve learnt so much and become friends with so many people because of this little UK brand.

Snowy – ollie for Kingpin Magazine

Saying goodbye is always bittersweet, I ask that we remember it well though, and the moments that Landscape contributed to skateboarding over the years.

Jeremy Jones – wallie

Landscape started in 2003 with a video. The first Landscape product was a video that Chris Massey made for us featuring Joel Curtis, Toby Shuall, Snowy and Olly Todd. It was short, just four parts, we released it on VHS.

Nick Stansfield – frontside kickflip for Grey Skate Mag

It seems fitting to me that our final thing that we release will also be a video. Thanks to Joe Gavin whose belief and hard work in this video made it possible.

Scott Anderson – frontside nosegrind

It’s time for this little brand to come to an end. I can’t think of a better way than to put out one last video, go out on a high note.”

Joe Gavin – frontside 5-0 for Vague Mag

Filmed by: Joe Gavin, Sean Lomax, Matt Hirst & Simie

Edited by: Joe Gavin

Soundtrack produced by: DJ Omas