Josh Cox & Joe Sivell – Science Skateboards


Josh Cox & Joe Sivell ~ Photos: Callum Simpson

We just can’t get enough of this dynamic duo: Josh Cox and Joe Sivell have yet another shared section for you to enjoy during this strange time (hope everyone out there is okay and keeping safe). Scroll down to watch this Science Skateboards part filmed in the big smoke featuring two of London’s finest. Filmed by: Chris Morgan + Jake Martinelli. Guest appearance by: Tom Rendall.


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Joe Sivell – frontside feeble backside 180 out ~ Photo: Chris Morgan

Words: Chris Morgan

“This is a shared part that I filmed with Joe and Josh around London whilst I lived there. We got the filming mostly done for this before I moved to SF but thanks to the help of Jake Martinelli we were able to get some last clips to finish up. 

Our UK distribution closed down a few months after I moved here which put things on hold for the company for a while. It seemed like a waste to put this out when the boards were stuck in Essex somewhere, so with the intention of releasing it when we relaunched a few months back, we had another setback, a huge hard drive fail. I found an earlier version that I was able to pull together though and here it is. An earlier version premiered at the Vladimir Skate Film Festival.”

Josh Cox & Joe Sivell – Science Skateboards

Filmed by: Chris Morgan + Jake Martinelli

Music: DJ CAM – Return of the Jedi