Dylan Hughes – SpeedStyle


Spit & Sawdust’s very own Christian Hart has done it again, and when paired with Dylan ‘The Huge’ Hughes you know it’s going to be next level in every sense. The song used is a tribute and has been skated to before by the undisputed legend Ben Raemers for a Tiltmode Army episode and we urge you to re-watch that part before and after watching Christian The Pirate’s masterpiece below. Ben forever! Thank you to Christian, Dylan, SpeedStyle Joe and all of the Dragon cameos! Check Dylan Hughes’ new part and a very serious interview with SpeedStyle CEO Joe below. Who’d have thought Speed Shade sponsor would improve your game so much!?

Dylan Hughes Pro SpeedStyle Speed Shade ~ Designed by: Beef Bennett

SpeedStyle Joe ~ Photo by: SpeedStyle Industries

Joe, thank you for your time, could you please give us a brief breakdown of SpeedStyle?

Speed shade company and lifestyle brand, created in 2021, servicing the extreme sport sector with cutting edge visor technology. Globally based in South Wales.


You touched upon extreme sports, what’s your own background and how does this reflect in the brand?

My life has always been extreme. I grew up cross country skiing near Zermatt in the Alps where my family owns shares in the resort. When skiing, my goggles were always getting mocked at the resort bar, so I decided to create a niche in the sport, make it edgier, give it some attitude. The sport of ‘aggressive cross country skiing’ was born. With leather studded jackets, skinny jeans, Dr. Martins and then the speed shades. SpeedStyle came about when I wanted to specifically craft the shade to reflect the style encapsulated by extreme sports. Skateboarding too is classed as an extreme sport and was born from skiing so I intend to impregnate both sports with the SpeedStyle brand.


Where can SpeedStyle be purchased?

Strictly online only, independent skate shops selfishly want a cut of the sale which directly dents the brands profits. Website under construction, SpeedStyle start from £199 without P&P. Remember, speedstyle isn’t just a brand it’s a lifestyle choice.


Are you not based in Cardiff?

Yes, based in Cardiff, manufactured in Burma, accounts in Switzerland.

Dylan Hughes – Frontside 50-50 Grind ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Who’s on the SpeedStyle team?

I like to think of the brand as a family of ‘SpeedStylers’. A family of influencers. Dylan came to my attention whilst in a prosecco fuelled youtube bender. When I saw him, I knew I had to have him. I fully embrace skateboarding’s history and the social aspects that make it a truely warm, inviting and unique activity… AND if anyone see’s Dylan Hughes TELL HIM from me he’s still WELL within contract and is required by law to perform to the standards mapped out in section 23:b(ii) ‘The athlete WILL be required to provide the services at times necessary to FULFIL the REQUIREMENTS of item 4 of the schedule’.


Why promote SpeedStyle speed shades in the wettest city in the UK?

Rain is an attitude. With global warming increasing Cardiff’s temperatures, it will become as sunny as much as it rainy. Science. I predicted SpeedStyle will hold the monopoly on the speed shade market. Quite simply “If you want the rainbow…you’ve got to put up with the rain” – SpeedStyle 2021.


Any advice for young up and coming athletes who want to pick up sponsors? 

Sell out. Sell out hard and your dreams will come true.

Dylan Hughes ~ Photo: Reid Allen

Dylan Hughes – SpeedStyle