Drafts: Vol.3 by Hilda Quick


Drafts: Vol.3 is the latest instalment in Hilda Quick’s short video series, predominantly filmed in Leeds, Copenhagen and Barcelona. We’re big fans of Hilda’s work so we’re hyped to present you this one. Get watching below!

Featuring: Izzy Almond, Jasmine Lowe, James Kelly, Joe Allen, Dale Starkie, Will Sheerin, Albie Edmonds, Elsie Aimes, Erin Cooper-Jones, Abi Townsend-Smith, Hilda Quick, Joshua Townsend-Foreman, Lucas Herrera Collins, Minnie Mearns, Lauren Mudge, Gregory Herbert, Matt Chapman, Tom Davies, Connie Gascoyne and Ali Watson.

See some of the photos from Connie Gascoyne’s part in her Vague, Issue 35 interview. Get a copy here!

Filmed by: Hilda Quick

Additional Filming by: Joe Allen