Drafts: Vol. 2 by Hilda Quick


Hilda Quick’s second volume of her ‘Drafts’ series is now online for your viewing pleasure! We were lucky enough to host the premiere of this one alongside Al Hodgson’s ‘Villagers #2’ video at our Issue 27 Magazine launch with Welcome Skate Store and Hyde Park Book Club. ‘Drafts: Vol. 2’ runs for 8 minutes and showcases shredding mainly in Leeds, a sprinkle of Barcelona and various parts of the UK.  Witness the likes of Jay Bex, Peter Redmond, Hilda Quick, Erin Cooper-Jones, Joe Maskill, Joe Allen, Minnie Mearns, James Kelly, Luke Humphreys, Izzy Almond, Maddy Andrews, Lauren Mudge, Jasmine Lowe, Kizzy Yuill, Connie Gascoyne and Dale Starkie. Get watching below and read an interview with Hilda Quick by Joe Allen here.

Filmed + Edited by: Hilda Quick

Titles by: Izzy Almond

Additional Filming by: Jay Bex + Connie Gascoyne