Beneath. – [sendmore].moe


A new edit straight out of Washington DC with a sprinkle of NYC footy filmed over a two year period. Featuring top notch skateboarding from Joel Barahona, Smalls, Rahzel Ashby, Ardy Smith, Jason Nam, Cesar Mederano, Blue Diba, Steve Szu, Grady Smith, Mahi Tim, Lupe, Hamza, Franklyn Swartz, Kevin Augustine, Antonio Elliott, Jason Sinnawi, Isaiah Rodriguez, Tony Cao, Chase Scott and Myquel Haddox. Theres tons of dope Pulaski Plaza footage in this one, so get watching below!  “FREE AYOUB SEND MORE MOE” link here. Filmed by  Joel Barahona andJason Nam.

Filmed by: Joel Barahona + Jason Nam

Edited by: Joel Barahona

Additional Filming: Smalls & Jeremy Knott