Ali Jbilou – Loophole Wheels


Loophole Wheels come through with a new video part from Ali Jbilou who has a unique bag of tricks and one helluva mean heelflip on him! Enjoy Ali’s interview and part below then go support the fine folk at Loophole Wheels here!

Interview by: Sami Lababedi


What’s good Ali ?

I’m good thanks. What about you ?


I’m good man, so first of all tell us where you’re from?

I’m From Rabat (Morocco)


Did you develop your bionic heelflips over there?

Yea. I grew up skating the iconic White Spot Plaza with a bunch of sick dudes.


How was it like growing up skating in Morocco then coming over here and becoming French?

Skating there at that time around 2008 was hard. Not that many people knew about skateboarding. There was no skate shop in Rabat, so getting boards was a hustle and of course the price was almost like in Europe which is unaffordable for most of the skaters. Otherwise, we had a solid crew, so many motivated and talented skaters at that time.

I left Morocco to France in 2013 as a student. When my student visa expired, the only way to get the residency was to work as an engineer cause it’s related to my studies and also it respects the minimum salary otherwise the visa can be denied. After 3 years of working in Paris metro systems, I asked for the French citizenship, it’s only then that the 8 years of visa hustle was done.


You moved from Paris to Berlin last year. How is the scene different over there?

Both scenes are sick! I met so many cool people in Berlin. Big shout out to them. Everybody chills and drinks together which makes it more enjoyable after the session. I’m looking forward to sticking around here for a bit there are so many crusty spots.


Is your coffee addiction still going strong?

Yea hahaha. It’s more the process of making it and drinking it while listening to music.

Tell us a bit about getting on Loophole?

One of my homies in Morocco linked me with Zach Chamberlin. I sent him some raw footage to check it out.He was stoked to see it and sent me some wheels to try them. From then, I got motivated to film and make a video part with the best filmers Christian Hemmer and Quentin ‘Singha’ Delebecque. I’m so blessed and happy to be part of the Loop Gang.


Who’s the illest, Biggie or Pac?

Both of them got different style. I listen more to Pac, the beats are incredible especially the OG versions and also the lyrics about different life subjects such as racism. Something that we still live and experience in everyday life.


Do you think the Arab world will ever be at peace?

I hope so. Everybody deserves peace and happiness.


Word up. Thanks Ali.

Ali Jbilou – Loophole Wheels

Filmed & Edited by: Quentin ‘Singha’ Delebecque

Additional Filming by: Christian Homer & Bobaj