TV STAR – Sumo Earth


A much enjoyable 20 minute video by the Sumo Earth crew, mostly filmed in London and various other parts of the UK. Theres some entertaining cut scenes too, we’re fans of this one for sure! Get watching below to see the talents of Ben Keegan, Aviv Gez, Enzo Medeiros, Hal Hewetson, Matt Keegan, Jamie Keegan, Sadaaq Yousuf, Davide Cotti, Titas Mackevicius, George Worrall, Sam Long, Joe Long, Sam Matthews, Bobby Smith, Dylan Timmis, Valentine AugĂ©, Tom Seeley, Fred Alexander, Malachy Oneill and Aidan Ostermaier. All filmed and edited by Callum Hansen. Enjoy!

Filmed & Edited by: Callum Hansen

Live performances: Malachy Oneill, Hal Hewetson + Aidan Ostermaier

Art direction: Hal Hewetson + Callum Hansen