Throwback Thursday – TENNSKATE: GHOST TOWN


We’re back with Al Hodgson’s Top 5 for this week’s TBT! Get involved below to find out what’s up next for his second fave video.

“Second on this ‘top 5’ TBT list, is Tennskate’s ‘Ghost Town’ by Alex Rose. Paying homage to the ‘silent film’ through it’s absence of dialogue, almost entirely instrumental soundtrack, and quotations to punctuate each section, Alex Rose’s ‘Tennskate’ crew roamed the eerily deserted spots of Tennessee to create this deeply atmospheric concept skate video.

Rose would go on to work with Matt Creasy (& occasionally Chris Theissen) to put out a number of incredible and creative videos through their Threads Ideas Vacuum project. I definitely recommend checking out their whole video back catalogue.”

Al Hodgson

Filmed + Edited by Alex Rose