Throwback Thursday – Magenta x Minuit REMIX


This weeks Throwback Thursday is hosted by special guest Al Hodgson.

Al Hodgson: Every now and then, skate videos emerge out of nowhere that have a particularly profound effect, either giving you that immediate stoke to go out and skate, or sparking creative inspiration to film a new project with your crew.

Through being a bit of a YouTube Lurker the past decade or so, there’s been a handful of videos that have left this same impression on me, with many of them going on to become some of my favourites of all time. Yet to my surprise, most of them remain to be fairly overlooked.

So, as TBT’s for the next 5 weeks, I’ll be digging up 5 of my all-time favourite VX edits to put a bit more shine on these underground gems. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me…

First of these 5 videos is the ‘Magenta x Minuit REMIX’ by Yoan Talliandier.

When Yoan burst onto the scene with his fully nocturnal Minuit video in 2010, it was undeniably a game changer. The energy he brought to filming (influenced by some of his Japanese contemporaries) was inspiring for a whole generation of VX filmers, and he became a huge early part of cementing the popularity and visual legacy of Magenta today.

This night footage remix he compiled for Magenta remains one of my favourite edits to this day, complete with perfect energetic boom bap soundtrack and some golden era Leo with one of the coolest switch back tails ever done.

Yoan continues to make amazing videos through Minuit AudioVisual. Definitely a true GOAT of the VX world.

Filmed + edited by Yoan Taillandier

Additional filming by: Jean Feil, Ryan Garshell