Throwback Thursday – DENDRIDIC FLUX – [HTL VOL 15]


We’ve posted this before but that is the beauty of ‘Throwback Thursday’ as it’s in the past we can post it again, and if anyone has a problem with that it’s fine, it’s a tough time for everybody.

Since Ashura Parchment’s interview from issue 18 was uploaded to our site yesterday (read it here) which touches upon some very important and personal subjects as well as mentioning this video below, we thought we’d go back to this one to admire the ever stoke inducing edit from Hold Tight Henry for a HTL and Theobalds. This one of course features the talents of Ashura Parchment as well as Jeremy Jones, Joel Banner, Kyle Wilson, Tom Fox, Nelly Mayele, Jin Shimizu, Elliott Wright, Jake Bidmead, Jasper King-Harman, Josh Arnott, Dominic Parry, Tommy May and many more shredders of the capital. Plenty of bangers, gnar and creativity in this one so get stuck in!

Filmed + Edited by Henry Edwards-Wood