The Gordon Beach Boys – Vans in Israel


We’re proud to premiere ‘The Gordon Beach Boys’ a video piece by Vans Europe. Top fellas Joseph Biais, Val Bauer, Quentin Boillon, Mika Germond and Johnny Purcell hit up some amazing spots in Israel for Romain Batard’s lens. See the full article of this in Issue 3 of Vague Mag. Issue 3 now available HERE.

Photo: Loïc Benoit

Vans very own French athletes go swimming…First, to anticipate any of your possible interpretations regarding our destination choice, believe us, it was simply based on our will to avoid winter, while getting the chance to discover what this place on earth had to offer. We spent 10 days, staying in the Gordon Beach area in Tel Aviv, escaping us for a day to Ashdod and another one to Jerusalem. The crew was composed of Joseph Biais, Quentin Boillon, Mika Germond, Johnny Purcell (Stolen from Canada, now residing in Paris) and myself. Also, after years yelling around, Loïc Benoit was there and he seems to be our Team Manager and photographer still. And the icing on the cake: the weird lensman (Those guys are often weirdos in their own way anyway) Romain Batard who was recruited to make the Instafeed pop during the trip.

Written by Val Bauer

Filmed and Edited by: Romain Batard

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