TEAM HORTON’S by Please Jackie


New offerings from the v productive crew ‘Please Jackie’ who travel around the US and Canada to bring you this incred new edit. Featuring Victor Campillo, Valentin Verd, Tony Rafanomezana, Max Wasungu, Benjamin Raitano, Thomas Leydet, Quentin Boillon,  Maclyn Milsarp, Devin Sweat, Matil Brouillard, Matisse Dalfon,  Branden Wren, Eric Peirera, Johnny Cuomaglu, Guillaume Berthet,  Ben Saint Aubin Pierre, Edouard Grimaud,  Josh Paynter, Anthony Battistini and Tim.

Filmed by: Andrea Semerdjian

Edited by: Victor Campillo

Additional Filming by: Branden wren, Matisse Dalfon, Victor Campillo & Elliot Bonnabel