Mike O’Shea

Throwback Thursday – Highbrow Rehash – Chris Jones


2 fine entities, Chris Jones and Mike O'Shea everybody!

Dorkzone Art Capsule #1 Mike O’ Shea


Phwoooar, get a load of this tasty number from Mike O'Shea for Dorkzone!

Dorkzone 90210


Dorkzone! Watch, Live, Laugh, Love, Buy!

Dorkzone – Darkzone


Spooky darkness from Dorkzone, kind of like 'The Bridge' but with better illustrations, editing and skating.

Dorkzone 2 Le Boxx


It's here! Another Mike O'Shea and Phil Evans masterpiece! Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone who inhabits this earth, Dorkzone 2 Le Boxx is here.

Dorkzone – Phil Evans + Mike O’Shea


Dorkzone! A video put together wonderfully by Phil Evans + Mike O'Shea for Bryggeriet. Featuring Amandus Mortensen, Sondre Mortensen, Mimmi Leckius, Adam Lexar, Marie Dabbadie and Johanna Juzelius.

Throwback Thursday – The Highbrow Arty Farty Promo


Throwback Thursday - The very sensual Highbrow Company Promo.