Joey Dennis

Jermaine Whittaker in STK


We're stoked to present you with yet another full part from Jermaine Whittaker. This time in 5301's video "STK" filmed in Charlotte NC.

Joey Dennis Interview


Eby Ghafarian interview Joey Dennis to get an insight into the North Carolina scene and his new video 'Avenue'

5301 – ‘Avenue’ (Full Length)


Exquisite North Carolina full length video from Joey Dennis. Watch it and read our interview with Joey by Eby Ghafarian.

Jermaine Whittaker in AVENUE


Next we upload Jermaine Whittaker's part from 5301's 'AVENUE' video by Joey Dennis. Jermaine Whittaker is a name you'll certainly be hearing a lot more of.

Isaiah Stines in AVENUE


Isaiah Stines in 5301's amazing new video 'AVENUE' filmed by Joey Dennis.