Chris Emery

Blasè€ by Chris Emery


Fresh off the back of the release of 'Just Drifting' Chris Emery has released this new one 'Blasè€' filmed in a medley of places across Europe.

Just Drifting Teaser by Chris Emery


Chris Emery getting us all excited with a very aesthetically leasing trailer for upcoming video 'Just Drifting'.

The Black Country Vol. 6


Sterling stuff from Chris Emery and the Wolverhampton scene. Check The Black Country Vol. 6 here.

Anthony Ackers – ‘The Wolf With A Thousand Faces’ Part


Anthony Ackers section from Wolftown Skateboards brand new video 'The Wolf With A Thousand Faces' is now online!

Rajinder Sami – Wulfrunian – Wolftown Skateboards


Wolftown Skateboards have uploaded Rajinder Sami's 'Wulfrunian' (2017) part to the web to celebrate him turning 30!

The Black Country Vol.5 – LESSGEW (Video + Interview)


We release the new Wolftown video and Jono Coote chats with filmer Chris Emery.

Sean Baker – STRAY Part – Wolftown Skateboards


Tech OG head Sean Baker's part from the Wolverhampton full length video 'STRAY'.

Ali Watson – STRAY Part – Wolftown Skateboards


Big poppa Ali Watson's part from the Wolverhampton full length video 'STRAY'.