SINK – Cinquieme Terrasse


A new clip by of Cinquieme Terrasse crew? Yes please. Their new clip features the usual gang… Axel Thomas, Edouard Depaz, Armand Vaucher , Nicolas Gisonno, Lilian Fev, Morgan Katomba , Etienne Chatelain, Quentin Boillon , Edouard Depaz , Celian Cordt-Moller , Luc Ramos , Lucien Genand , Theo Lapalud , Matthias Godard , Loris Paskiewicz , Eugene Vautrin , Amelien Foures , Marca Barbier , Victor Campillo , Basile Jeannin and more. Chopped and screwed by the talented Elliot Bonnabel and animations by Tom Abord.

Filmed + Edited by: Elliot Bonnabel

Animation by: Tom Abord