Cinquieme Terrasse – Tony G


Yet another Parisian edit for your visual pleasure this week… this time from Cinquieme Terrasse crew featuring Lilian Fev, Morgan Katomba, Etienne Chatelain, Thomas Gouillon, Jerome Sossou, Theo Lapalud, Axel Thomas, Nicolas Gisonno, Quentin Boillon, Jerry Docteur, Edouard Depaz, Celian Cordt-Moller, Macéo Moreau, Nabil Slimani, Guillaume Berthet, Luc Boimond, Luc Ramos, Lucien Genand, Armand Vaucher, Ben Blundell, Leo Lancelin and Gauthier Navarre filmed all by Elliot Bonnabel with additional filming by Romain Batard and PJ Chapuis. Enjoy below! These legends never disappoint!

Filmed and Edited by: Elliot Bonnabel

Additional filming by: Romain Batard and PJ Chapuis