Remy Taveira on Carhartt – ‘Tav’


Parisian heartthrob Remy Taveira is now officially wearing the threads of Carhartt WIP and it spiralled us into a Remy media frenzy of past movements (see a bombardment of Remy related videos below his intro clip). Big up all parties involved and props to Remy for smashing it always!

Watch ‘Tav’ below which also features ripping courtesy of Felipe Bartolomé, Igor Fardin, Tolia Titaev, Josh Pall, Sammy Winter, Sylvain Tognelli, Joseph Biais & Bram De Cleen.

Hip, hip!

‘Tav’ – Filmed & edited by Guillaume Périmony

Filmed by Ben Chadourne & James Cruickshank

Filmed + edited by Ludovic Azemar.

Filmed + edited by Ludovic Azemar.

Filmed and Edited by Blake Myers & Robin Pailler.