Throwback Thursday – Out of Steppe Carhartt WIP


The benefit of these Throwback Thursdays is that every day something else has deposited itself in the past, so even if an edit isn’t old in the slightest, it’s still in the past, therefore eligible for a Throwback Thursday.

This weeks past appreciation post is from 2014 and is a homage to a 2004 project undertaken by Carhartt WIP solidifying an excellent concept as always and certainly an appreciation inducer for all those involved.

‘Out of Steppe’ is a really superb bit of videography by legend Stephen Roe for Carhartt WIP and features the talents of Joseph Biais, Jerome Campbell, Igor Fardin, Yoshihiro “Deshi” Omoto, Sylvain Tognelli and Phil Zwijsen to the sounds produced by Joel Curtis and Samuel Jones.

Anyone keen for a Mongolia mission?