RASSVET launch their 8th collection Wednesday February 3rd at Dover Street Market

“RASSVET (PACCBET) is a community of likeminded Muscovites bringing a new energy to  the fashion, art, skateboarding & music scene in their city. 

For SS21, they present their 8th collection during Men’s Paris Fashion week July 2020  inspired by the ’80s hardcore scene and vintage athletics aesthetics. 

West Coast hardcore skate culture culminated in the ’80s in California before taking on the  world and especially Russia until the early ’00s. RASSVET’s heritage is deeply rooted in this  movement and the atmosphere of that period. They decided to reflect on those hazy glorious  punk rock and skater kids days for their latest collection. 

Infused with vintage elements of ’80s gym culture, the collection presents full skatewear  styles including old school baggy shorts and patched-up pants mixed with classic training  gear. 

Connecting all these influences comes a first-time collaboration with Spanish graphic artist Ricardo Fumanal. Ricardo’s original and humorous graphics were a perfect fit with the  energy of the collection. The team was looking to infuse some playfulness in the pieces with  the right amount of ’80s vibe. Ricardo’s strong personal style does just that. 

Strong pieces include acid-washed sweatshirts and classic skater pants with “DIY” aesthetics  reminiscent of the second-hand apparel young skaters would boast. Tolia Titaev designed  original artworks to this effect recreating the hand-drawn patches kids would make themselves to customize their style and promote their favorite bands and brands. 

The RASSVET logo and optimistic motto “NE ZA GORAMI”, reading “The sunrise is not far  behind the mountains” has been reinterpreted in different techno and punk graphic styles  throughout the collection. 

RASSVET SS21 will be sold in all Dover Street Markets and Comme des Garçons stores as  well as specialty skate shops starting February 3rd 2021.”

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