Nordic Light – Vans


A really marvellous new edit from Vans hosted by our pals at Free mag showcasing all manner of talent in Scandinavia, particularly stoked on seeing Mira Axelsson and Moa Zander absolutely having it!

Featuring Tommi Björk, Samuel Norgren, Mira Axelsson, Johan Bergljung, Nikolai Alin, Moa Zander, Oscar Säfström, Jonathan Sjöberg, Simon Hallberg, Eric Hedberg and Tom Botwid.

Filmed + Edited by Tom Botwid

Additional filming by Markus Bengtsson, Mikko Björk, Tor Ström , Jacob Hansson , Adam Carlander & Peter Johansson

Music by Paul Botwid

Thumbnail image by Justus Hirvi