Hélas “Fellas”


Hélas Caps first full length video has been released in its entirety  for all you lucky fans. Obviously there is so much rad in this we highly urge you to watch below.

Featuring: Flo Mirtain, Danny Hamaguchi, Brayan Albarenga, Sam Parrado, Karl Salah, Jethro Coldwell, Max Geronzi, Youness Amrani, Mikel Vidal, Jose Vivero Diaz, Pierre Leze, Gauthier Rouger, Brian Peacock, Mark del Negro, William Monerris, Gunes Ozdogan, Clement Brunel, Laurence Keefe, Jp Villa, Stephen Khou, Devine Calloway, Marek Zaprazny, Lucas Puig, Pedro Attenborough and Thierry Gormit.

Filmed + Edited by Vincent Jugnet & Stephen Khou