Glitches Of Doom by Pierre Patissou


Lots and lots of stoke inducing clips hitting up all manner of spots around areas of France to get you exploring all the crevices of your local area with your paldem. Watch below and admire the talents of Nicolas Dewasmes, Paul Austin, Amélien Foures, Benji Russel, Lilian Gouaux, Jocelyn Duluc, Kenny, Matisse Banc, Pierre Séves, Elian Perger, J-T Saldou, Stephen Malet, Jérôme Passement, Arthur Peña, Gary Beesley, P.A. Klein, Thomas Cartier, Maxime Freslon, Andréa Dupré, Tom Belot, Léo Valls, Lony & Geoffy, Tom Aiello, Pierre Séves, Paul Austin, Oliver ‘Boucle’ Durou and Vincent Dallamagne,



Filmed + Edited by Pierre Patissou