GCSA II (Full Length)


GCS x Serious Adult combine once again and bring you GCSA II. Filmed wonderfully by George Toland featuring a large group of legends such as: Greg Conroy, Dylan Esposito, Tom Delion, Jack Soden, Max Critchlow, George Booth-Cole, Chris Garcia, Jeremy Jones, Darwin, Alex Waldmeyer, Daisuke Kagoshima, Sam Earl, Joe Coward, Fletch, Finn Rabbitt-Dove, Charles Myatt, Cam Allen-Snow, Lukas Kacevicius, Lewis Bell, Louis Woodhead and Thomas Detto.

Our good mate’s at Sidewalk Mag have also put together an interview with the GCSA pair George Toland and Greg Conroy. Click HERE to read it and to see some wonderful photography by Vague contributors Rafski and Rich West.

Filmed and Edited by: George Toland

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