“Footwork 3” by Tom Leigh


10 minutes of Bristolian shredder in ‘Footwork 3’ put together by a certain Tom Leigh. Click below to check it out.

Featuring Jago Kinnersley, Nic Chappell, Nathan Neal, Harry Walsh, Simran Sond, George Thomson, Russ Heideman, Benny Rowley, Charlie Gush, Ethan, Alfie Mills, Vince Aubert, Ben Wyatt & Jed Kinnersley, Joe Andrews, Andrew Roche, Danny Willis, Goose, Parry Smith, Tom Wigmore, Sam Seyah, Sam Elphinstone, George Gladstone, Luca Maxwell & Daryl Partington.

Nice song too.

Filmed + Edited by: Tom Leigh

Special thanks to Lee Jordan & Gratitude Skate Shop