FINAL FAIR//BD2P by carson reuther


Checking in with Philadelphia courtesy of Carson Reuther. One hell of a line up in this one so get viewing. Featuring Kevin Liedtke, Kevin Bilyeu, Mike Ward, Asante Morris, Patrice Southerland, Brian O’Dwyer, Matt Militano, Toly Bitny, Joey Marrone, Neil Herrick, Tom Ramsburg, Brian Weglicki, Carson Reuther, Paris Summerville, Darby Kiefer, Justin Adeniran, Chris Falo, Quel Haddox, Jared Defrees, Mike Butler, Zach Sayles, Sergei Trudnowski, Donny Moll, Ant Rosado, Jackson Deets, Maximo Gomez & Victor Jones.

Filmed + Edited by: Carson Reuther