Delirium – Charlie Spelzini (2021) Death Skateboards TV


Hyped on this new Charlie Spelzini for the mighty Death Skateboards!

In the words of Charlie:

“Myself and Zak Watson have worked together to combine a collection of footage into a part titled ‘Delirium.’ Delirium is a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment. Sometimes I find myself worrying constantly; sometimes I’m angry at myself for no apparent reason; and sometimes I find myself not in control of my emotions. Skateboarding helps us cope in many ways. It helps us cope with the loss of a friend; a loss of a loved one, or to cope with an inability to think rationally. I can’t explain why it helps me cope. I also cannot proclaim it as a miracle cure for any mental health problem. However, it works for me and many others. Skateboarding like many other activities provides a healthy distraction from irrational thinking. Don’t let it distract you from reality. We all need to face it one day at a time. Thank you. This one’s for you.”

Filmed + Edited by Zak Watson

Additional filming by Ginge, Beny Bujak, Rohum Dilley + Andy “Hair” Hinshelwood

Music ‘Do or Die‘ by Brandy Row