Dan Cates Pool Party (Video + Photo Gallery)


Saturday the 8th of August saw the release of the Dan Cates guest board on Forty Skateboards. To mark this momentous occasion, a modest launch party took place at Skate Pharm in sunny old Margate, followed by a pool party at Cates’ house the next day. Wig Worland and Ben ‘Biscuits’ Wilks were on hand to capture the action and Nic Powely was on hand to man the BBQ. Enjoy the pool shralpin’ below!

What a beauty!
Max Roton

Photos: Wig Worland

Dan Cates – slappy lipslide roll in. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Max Roton – feeble grind to fakie over the stairs. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Lee Blackwell – backside air. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Simon Skipp – frontside smith grind. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Fids – handplant. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Brendan Ryall – switch backside 50-50. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Max Roton – frontside air. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Dan Cates – hammer and sickle frontside slash. ~ Photo: Wig Worland

Filmed and Edited by: Ben ‘Biscuits’ Wilks