Camel Skateboards – CAPERS


Camel Skateboards have just finished their first full length offering. Over the last few years Camel has produced more garms and various blog style content showcasing the newer generation of Liverpool Skateboarders. With Dominic Chambers & Josh Higgins at the helm behind graphics and content, the crew embarked upon a full length project “Capers” that focusses mainly on Jordan Leadbetter, Andy Davidson, Charlie Birch and studded belts. Watch the full video below and then read an interview with Dom here to get an insight into the filming process for this project discussing Huel, local non skateboarding motivators, dressing like action hero’s and early 2000’s tunes that will still be active on a 15 year old pre-smart phone. Dig in below.

Filmed + Edited by: Dominc Chambers

Read the “CAPERS” Interview here