Will Miles – Through the eyes of a legend


Filmaker Will Miles guides us through some photos he’s managed to shoot while he’s not filming and being Kyron Davis’ PA. See below for too many legends such as Kyron Davis, Mike Arnold, Dwayne Coleman, Rich Smith, Kyle Platts, Joel Peck, Korahn Gayle, Harry Ogilvie, Tall Adam, Casper Brooker, Josh Cox and plenty more.

Here’s Kyron trying to down a whole bottle of Lambrini on the strike of midnight to start his 21st birthday. Didn’t particularly get that close to be honest.

Dwayne at Wandsworth Roundabout looking like he’s in some sort of Frank Ocean music video.

This was taken a couple of years ago in Barcelona on a skate trip that felt more like a stag do.

Joel’s a cutey.

Mike posing with the huge bit of rock he did a wallie crook on as if it’s a elephant he’s shot on safari.

Ratos Patos.

Cheap as fuck mojitos, what a place to get a sugar dependancy.

Dwayne has Adam in a headlock on the floor on Rye Lane, I don’t really have any other context for this one.

Korahn was our designated driver in LA.

Caspy Caspy bun bun wearing some dope speed shades.

Whilst in LA we also had to make sure to shoot his new album cover.

Shortly after this was taken Dwayne tried this again and credit carded himself. There’s a great clip of it that would brighten anyones day.

This lake is an hours train ride out of Berlin and then a bike ride through the forrest, Kyle had his tiny butt on show the whole time.

I’ve never seen anyone so willing to get completely wet through with no spare clothes in my life.

It’ll be a sad day when they knock Elephant and Castle bowling alley down.

In Athens we booked an apartment for 12 people online that happened to be a really bad hotel in the red light district. Dan West’s sheets had blood on when we arrived I can only assume Rob’s red sore arse I can only assume was caused by his bed sheets.

Shadwell Basin in the summer really makes up for weeks like these where it’s too cold to leave the house.

Josh Cox and what I can only assume is Iron-Bru on his head. This is from a long, long time ago at a shit little manual pad off Old St that I don’t know if it even exists anymore.

Kyron down the pub pulling some blue steel.

See some of Will Miles’ dope AF productions below


Doggie for Grey x Nike SB

Kyron Davis – #NoLongerAWasteman section for Free

Aye for Grey x Nike SB

Toxic City for Free x Nike SB

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