Tom Zealand – Paul,


Tom Zealand shreds to a top number extracted from ‘Paul,’ a beautiful piece of videography put together by Josh Hallett. The first official video offering from the mighty Welcome Skate Store! The whole video is splendid and all the necessary/mandatory props to all involved, a full stoke inducer! Also featuring a cheeky cameo by homie Tom Van Den Hoeven. Check the photos and part below after a slight insight into the filming experience with a best/worst style interview.

Grab a copy of ‘Paul,’ for £5 from HERE.

Photography: Reece Leung

Interview: Josh Hallett

Frontside tailslide. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Favourite Welcome teammate and why? 

George Smith because of how humble he is, despite being the best.

Best trick in ‘Paul,’?

Dale’s ollie over the rail then backside flip down the stairs at the Harry Lintell Casino rail.

Bush ollie to tight bank. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Worst trick in ‘Paul,’?

Mark Kemp’s tricks.

Top 3 skate videos?

1. 88 Footwear – Destroy Everything Now.

2. Polar – I Like It Here Inside My Mind Don’t Wake Me This Time.

3. Chocolate – Hot Chocolate Tour.

Kickflip over the bollard via a mellow kicker. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

LSC……down for life?


Fuck, Marry, Kill……Bam Margera, Dale Starkie, Heath Kirchart?

Fuck Dale. Marry Dale. Kill Dale.

Slappy Crook. ~ Photo: Reece Leung

Best dressed…….Tom Brown, Sam Charlesworth or Martyn Hill?


What makes George Smith a legend?

Everything. Best dude ever!

Threaded frontside wallride. ~ Photo: Reece Leung


Sounds great.

The ‘Riverdance’. ~ Sequence: Reece Leung

Tom Zealand’s Video Part from ‘Paul,’

Filmed and Edited by: Josh Hallett

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