‘LIFE ADMIN’ a video hosted by Gaz Eyres and put together beautifully by Joe Gavin. See NOTE Shop’s latest video offering below with some photos by Ian Williams and Jim Craven. This 13 minute piece features all sorts of Mancunian heads and highlights from The Manc Slamma, the NOTE Curb Party and plenty of street skating by legends such as Kev Eley, Joe Roberts, John Bell, Rueben Horvath, Ben Grove(s), Matthew ‘Nev’ Nevitt, Tony Da Silva, Ian Williams, Jay Stone, Phoenix Luke, Charlie O’Donnell, Joe O’Donnell, Joe Gavin, Jim Craven, Kyron Davis, Tom Day, Jay Johnson, Sam Pendlebury, James Gell, Paddy Gomulski, Dom Henry, Keanu Robson, Chris Maddox, Mark Kendrick, Daryl Horner, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, Jed Coldwell, Armarni Rochford, Dave Morgan, Dan Cintra, Will Collins, Lucien Costello, Sam Mason, Jiri Bulin, Ricky Davidson and Eddie Belvedere. Enjoy the photo gallery and video below!

Photography by: Ian Williams + Jim Craven

Rueben Horvath – pupeki grind. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

John Bell – nollie pop shuv. ~ Photo: Jim Craven

Jay Johnson – backside smith. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Rueben Horvath – backside kickflip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Joe Roberts – switch ollie. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

NOTE Shop’s ‘LIFE ADMIN’ by Joe Gavin

Filmed and Edited by: Joe Gavin