Keep MCR Clean – NOTE x adidas Skateboarding


Words by NOTE Shop’s Splodge:

“Anyone familiar with the NOTE scene will know we’re always down for an excuse to get together and have a good time. So when adidas Skateboarding hit us up about throwing an event to celebrate the launch of the king of tricks over trash cans, Tyshawn Jones professional shoe we had to get involved. adidas kindly provided us with four New York trash cans, a few hundred quid and a load of adidas Tyshawn shoes to dish out. The trash cans we got are a serious bit of kit and much bigger and heavier than they look in the footage from NYC. We put a can outside our Thomas Street shop and things soon started popping off and before long the street was shut down the jump ramps were out and all sorts of stuff went flying over those cans including a pissed up passer by. Some highlights were Nev’s perfect tre, Ricky’s high frontside 180 and Harry’s long frontside and backside flips. To watch what went down check out the edit on our @NOTEshop instagram. Big up Chris and Dan at adidas and everyone who turned up and contributed to creating such a good vibe!”


Phoenix Luke – nollie pop shuv-it. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Armarni Rochford – nollie frontside 180. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Seb Batty – kickflip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Tylar McCaffrey – melon. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Photo: Ian Williams

Jiri Bulin – heelflip indy. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Lewis Threadgold – pop shuv-it. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Harry Lintell – frontside 180 kickflip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Ricky Davidson – hardflip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Jiri Bulin – switch kickflip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Harry Lintell – kickflip melon. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Tylar McCaffrey. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

Nev – 360 flip. ~ Photo: Ian Williams

KEEP MCR CLEAN – NOTE x adidas Skateboarding

Filmed and Edited by: Jim Craven