Copenhagen Open 2017 Re-cap


This year was the 10th annual Copenhagen Open and may be the final year. This year it doubled or even tripled in population compared to previous years and this will be displayed in some of the photos below. The more the merrier, you couldn’t go long without seeing a familiar face or a renowned skateboarder who you’ve watched video parts of for many years. Lets hope it makes a comeback in the future.

Photography: James Griffiths + Reece Leung

Words: James Griffiths

Sebo Walker – switch flip loading bay gap. Photo: Leung

Kevin Bradley – backside heelflip. Photo: Leung

Brits abroad. That’s the term often used when referring to my fellow countrymen on their travels. In my 24 years I’ve never considered myself to fall in with the stereotype of the loud, obnoxious, wasted Brit going to lovely, calm foreign countries and causing as much havoc as Peter Carron (Look him up).

Alec Majerus – gap to crook. Photo: Leung

However, something changed in Copenhagen. A dark side seemed to find its way out of me, and my compadres and I started causing devastation wherever we found ourselves. And for that I sincerely apologise, to anybody who bared witness to the brits abroad who had one too many six pack.

The boys testing out the freezing water. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Jamie Platt going in. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Big Wavey Mike Arnold returning to his natural habitat. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Josh Matthews, Mike Arnold + Jamie Platt. Photo: Leung

Now that the apologies are out of the way, I’d like to return to the reason you’re reading this. The original reason I, and many others, made the pilgrimage to Copenhagen. The Skateboarding was incredible and there was so much of it I could write you a novel trying to cover its entirety. Instead of you putting up with my dyslexic ass, trying to give you an indepth review of the 4 days, I’ll try to sum up some of the memorable moments.

Remy out of the freezing cold water. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Arthur on route to the sauna. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Edouard, Remy + Arthur. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
WE DEM BOYS. Photo: Leung.

Rune skated the over-vert in Faelledparken, better than I can skate my local 4 ft wooden mini!

Rune Glifberg - frontside air. Photo: Griff. Swipe to scroll >
Raney Beres - invert. Photo: Griff

Yuri produced many ligament-flexing-tweaked-fliptricks.

Yuri Facchini – shifty kickflip. Photo: Griff

Sebo walker used the cat-and-dog weather to his advantage in the DIY, to unleash lines upon lines of wavy tricks that only Sebo would have been able to fathom, let alone execute.

Arthur Derrien – switch back 3. Photo: Griff

Speaking of the weather, Jamie Foy relentlessly rained down so many hammers, that if Beagle were there he would have blistered props Knucks!

Jamie Foy – backside heelflp. Photo: Griff

And Luan Landed more flip tricks than beers were stolen (I don’t think any englishman paid for a drink) Finally, Ishod…. ISHOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madars Apse - noseslide pop over. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Harry Lintell - front blunt. Photo: Leung. Swipe to scroll >
Frankie Vallani - frontside 180 wallie. Photo: Leung.

I lied, I have one more apology left. My dearest, most sincere apology goes out to Charlie Munro.  For accidentally bottling him in the face on the last night. My bad.

Charlie Munro before the bottling. Photo: Leung