Yela – FY Skateboards


Who doesn’t love a full length Irish skate video? Mighty fine stuff courtesy of Conor O’Reily, Juliano Isufaj & Naoise McCarthy with this 21 minute number highlighting some key heads in the Irish skateboarding scene. Watch below to see the likes of Oisin Mac, Karolis Pausa, Cata Tomoiaga, Luke Kroon, Evan Fogerty, Cian Eades, Ross Doyle, Luke Doyle, Kai Duong, Daniel Carrol, Shane San Agustin & Eddie Gillespie

We also strongly urge you to watch/re-watch this Irish banger whilst you’re here.

Filmed + Edited by: Conor O’Reily

Additional Filming + Editing by: Juliano Isufaj & Naoise McCarthy

Presented by Goblin Skate Magazine