Village Psychic – Wits’ End


Loads of radness in this fresh upload from Village Psychic! Spots, skaters, approach, crew vibe and gnar all make this such a good watch and we urge you to do so below.

Featuring Rob Sisi, Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Andy Paulson, Kirian Stone, Tabari Cook, Joe Hall, Dana Ross, Pat Gallaher, Andy Pearson, Aaron Christensen, Chase Duerlinger, Mitch Guth, Collin Maynard, Will Lawson, Joe Sexton, Robby Frank, Trinity Alexander, Stephen Pestalozzi, Jimmy Goodman, Connor Gasch, Nathan Cameron, Mathias Rotstein J& osh Manoles

Filmed + Edited by Jake Durham

Graphics: Josh Manoles

Additional Filming by Chris Burt

16mm and super 8 processing by Spectra film & video

DVD Authoring by Chris Burt