The Fungeon Tour – Dungeon x Fun Is Dead


As seen in issue 31 ‘The Fungeon Tour’ consisting of a Dungeon x Fun Is Dead spooky collaborative effort to take a handful of everyone’s favourite moshers and embark on a mission to seemingly avoid as much smooth material in Marseille as possible!

Watch below to see the likes of Charlie Gush, Dead Dave, Adam Moss, Dead Dave, Mikey Joyce, Max Roton, Zombie Stu, Jono Coote, Rogie, Taylor Jones, Derik Osterberg, Rikk Fields, Nico Del Sarta, Rogie, Basile Jeannin, Matthias Godard, Pierre Pauselli & French.

Shout out Board Spirit Marseille for the support.

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Filmed + Edited by: Pierre Pauselli

Titles by: French & Pierre Pauselli

Photography by: Clement Chouleur