Josh Cox, Gocke and Chris Fox venture to Japan without their trusted filmer Jake Martinelli, so they decide to film each other on their travels and then provide the footage to a trusted Jake Martinelli to edit the footage for them when they get back safely to East London. Also featuring Pete Buckley, Wone, Jin, Snap, Wura, Bug, Rowan and Daisuke. Heres some words about the trip to Japan by Josh Cox:

“From obscure architecture to eating chicken rectums, Japan has everything. I couldn’t recommend it enough, although I’d advice against going in the summer, it was truly unbearable and exhausting. Although the weather was an off-put (for me at least) we still had an unforgettable time and met some lovely people. Shout out to Abe, Dai, Yone and especially Pete up in Sapporo. Mikey in Tokyo, Masa and the boys from Shred Osaka and all the gang from The Mint (R.I.P) in Osaka. You have to watch this float to see how he kebabed his kickflip is down some gap. Also, when watching…drink every time a clip is out of focus.”

Filmed by: Josh Cox, Gocke, Chris Fox

Edited by: Jake Martinelli