Piilgrim x Vague – Waterloo Sunset


Piilgrim create their own world for their new clip ‘Waterloo Sunset’ to celebrate the release of their new SS21′ collection. Featuring some of their stellar team riders plus friends: Jeremy Jones, Ricky Davidson, Jiri Bulin, Rob Smith & Piilgrim CEO Mark Kendrick. Filmed by Sean Lomax and edited by Mark Kendrick with lighting by Kev Eley. Watch the video, scope the new collection and view some photos by Will Grundy all below.

Jiri Bulin – Backside Smith Grind ~ Photo: Will Grundy

Jiri Bulin – Backside Tailslide + Jeremy Jones / Jiri Bulin ~ Photos: Will Grundy

Jeremy Jones – Frontside Nosebluntslide ~ Photo: Will Grundy

Jiri Bulin – Switch Crook, 180 Fakie Nosegrind + Sean Lomax ~ Photos: Will Grundy

Jiri Bulin – Shuv-It Kickflip ~ Photo: Will Grundy

Jeremy Jones – Polejam to Fakie ~ Photos: Will Grundy

Photo: Will Grundy

Mark Kendrick – Backside Kickflip + Lighting Technician Kev Eley~ Photos: Will Grundy

Piilgrim Clothing SS21′ Collection

Piilgrim x Vague – Waterloo Sunset

Filmed by: Sean Lomax

Edited by: Mark Kendrick

Lighting by: Kev Eley