O.W.L – Villagers: Chapter #2 (East Anglia)


Following on from the previous ‘Villagers‘ journey Southwest, for their second chapter, the Orwellian World Landscape crew headed east to the historic East Anglia tri-county area in search of the region’s most sui generis spots.  This episode features Harrison Woolgar, Dougie George, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Cal Dawson, Vlad Kalynin, Jimmy Silver and  Al Hodgson who expertly filmed and edited this new visual treatAs a supplement to these camp trip ‘Villagers’ projects, O.W.L have a limited number of enamel camping mugs still available on their store here. For the accompanying Villagers article, grab a copy of Vague issue 27 here. Get watching below!

O.W.L – Villagers: Chapter #2 (East Anglia)

Film & Edited by: Al Hodgson

Hi8 Filming by: Jimmy Silver + Vlad Kalynin

Additional Filming by: Harrison Woolgar

Cover Photo: Cal Dawson – Switch 360 Flip ~ Photo by: James Griffiths