John Baragwanath – Static VI Part – Alternative Edit


We’re proud to present you an alternative edit of John Baragwanath’s part in ‘STATIC VI‘ filmed and edited by master lensman Josh Stewart. We’re obviously huge fans of Josh’s iconic Static video series so it’s a huge honour for us to host this one. Below are some words by Josh Stewart himself on this alternative edit.

Josh Stewart: “When you work on a video for as long as we did Static VI, you start overthinking every part and second guessing a lot of your decisions. John Baragwanath was one of the first 2 skaters I started working with for this video, so I had a lot of time to overthink his intro, the placement of his part in the video and one of the hardest decisions, finding the right music to fit his skating and personality. We tried countless songs over the years and in that time we boiled it down to a few versions that were strong for different reasons, but just weren’t the perfect fit. This version was one of the last ones to hit the cutting room floor once we picked the final version. The Rolling Stones song gives me early Wes Anderson vibes, which I liked… but it wasn’t really fitting the texture of the rest of the video. Still, it’s rad to see John’s footage with a different tempo and vibe. So hopefully you’ll enjoy it but will still agree with me that we made the right choice with his final part in the video.”

If you haven’t already read John Baragwanath’s interview in Vague Issue 34 here and get a copy of Static VI on DVD here!

Filmed + Edited by: Josh Stewart

Static VI is available on DVD here