Joe Barrett – Feuille Morte


Nick Vieweg comes through with ‘Feuille Morte’ a nicely put together part filmed in London and surrounding areas of Joe Barrett, a friend Nick met volunteering for SkatePal. The part features a guest trick from Joe’s close friend Ralph Roberts. Ralph sadly passed away in Early 2021 and the video is dedicated to him. Read some words from Nick and Joe below.


Nick Vieweg: Although I only met Ralph a handful of times I am thankful for the times we got to spend together and I’m honoured he could be a part of this film. Please take time to follow Live Like Ralph to keep up to date with the great work this charity is doing in his name.


Joe Barrett : The clip of Ralph in this video is particularly special to me as this is the last encounter I had with him. Looking back it’s hard for me to comprehend this memory, trying to figure out what I would have done or said differently, but he was stoked on the trick and I’m glad to have such a positive last memory of him. It’s hard to put into words how much I valued Ralph as a friend. He was an extremely driven and generous individual with a kind heart. In the five years I knew him i saw him blossom not only as a skateboarder, but in every aspect of his life. I feel extremely privileged to have been friends with Ralph, and can’t thank him enough for his influence on my life, his inclusivity, and the abundance of dear friends he’s introduced me to. Love + miss you Ralphie.



Filmed + Edited by: Nick Vieweg