We’re proud to present a new one by humble filmer DoomPat aka Pierre Patissou, filmed mostly in Bordeaux and surrounding areas with his homies.

Pierre Patissou: “Cogite stands for ‘overthinking’ in French, which is quite representative of the state of mind I was in for the process of making this video, especially when I doubt on the quality of my filming and editing; I tried to push people too, and make them review their trick selection.

This video is full of people I like to be with, mostly skating in Bordeaux for the sake of our own pleasure. The introduction tells the story, I got robbed while filming and out of the blue my friend Olivier created this crowdfunding page. We weren’t even filming together and he did it, the goal was quickly raised and I could keep on filming. I had to thank him somehow :)”

Filmed + Edited by: DoomPat aka Pierre Patissou